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Petroglyph Press publishes a line of Hawaiiana books which are 100% "Made in Hawaii." From design and composition through binding and distribution, these books are "local style."

A Concise History of the Hawaiian Islands Hawaiian Legends of Volcanoes Hilo Legends Hina - The Goddess I'A Sea Life Coloring Book 'Iwa: The Hawaiian Legend Joys of Hawaiian Cooking
Kanehunamoku coloring book Kona Legends The Life and Times of Kamehameha Legends of Maui, the demigod Pele, Volcano Goddess Pele and Hi'iaka, A Tale of Two Sisters Petroglyphs of Hawaii
Plants of Hawai'i - How to Grow Them Practical Folk Medicine of Hawaii Stars Over Hawaii The Story of Lauhala Tropical Organic Gardening - Hawaiian Style
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