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Enchanting Creatures of Hawai'i Island by Erzsi Palko

Enchanting Creatures of Hawai'i Island takes you and your family on a journey -- through hand-drawn coloring pages, fun ecological facts, and whimsical rhymes -- meeting native Hawaiian creatures and plants from the island's volcanic slopes down to the sea. Available at Basically Books, and at other book and gift stores throughout Hawaii. $9.95.

Maui, Mischevious Hero by Barbara Baldwin Lyons, Illustrated by Dietrich Varez

Maui is a mythic figure known throughout Polynesia who lifts up the heavens, and fishes up islands from beneath the sea with his magic fishhook; a folk hero that snares the sun to make it move more slowly, and shares the secret of making fire. Maui is the mischief maker, benefactor, worker of miracles. Stories of Maui have been passed on for countless generations, spread far and wide due to the great seafaring prowess of voyagers sailing across the vast area of Moananuiakea, the Pacific Ocean. Maui, Mischevious Hero relays a few favorites about this mythical figure, accompanied by gorgeous artwork by the beloved late Dietrich Varez.Available at Basically Books, and at other book and gift stores throughout Hawaii. $9.95.

Petroglyph Press's recent line of books Celebrates Local Artist, the late Dietrich Varez

Comprised of articles written by W.D. Westervelt The Life and Times of Kamehameha illuminates the political intrigue and relationships that set the stage for his rise to power.

Dietrich Varez illustrations bring evocative visual images to The Life and Times of Kamehameha, a compilation of articles by W. D. Westervelt, in print here together for the first time. Available at Basically Books, Volcano Art Center, and at other book and gift stores throughout Hawaii. $16.95

Second most recent of these, Dietrich Varez illustrations bring colorful visual images to Pele, the Volcano Goddess by Likeke R. McBride, newly released by Petroglyph Press. Available at Basically Books, Volcano Art Center and at other book and gift stores throughout Hawaii. $14.95

Kanehunamoku; A story of Old Hawaii By Dietrich Varez. Author and artist, Dietrich Varez, has drawn upon decades of study to create imagery depicting Hawaiian folklore and has lovingly hand lettered the text. The simple line drawings are perfect for coloring, however this is much more than a coloring book. Using his original characters, Lehua and Ehu, he has interwoven classic Hawaiian tales into the narrative and provides inspiration to further explore the vast, rich lore of the ancient Hawaiians. Travel now to the secret island of the gods, Kanehunamoku, and see what wonders will be revealed. Available at Basically Books and other book and gift stores around Hawaii for $9.95.

Iwa: The Hawaiian Legend by Dietrich Varez is a re-imagining of a traditional Hawaiian Myth, which won the prestigious 2017 Po'okela Award for Excellence in Children's Literature. Hawaiian Legends of Volcanoes, and Legends of Maui A Demigod of Polynesia and his Mother Hina both feature their original text by William Drake Westervelt, with full color illustrations by Varez. More information on all of these books is available on our Books page.

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We are a family owned and operated printing and publishing company located in beautiful Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii.

We publish a line of Hawaiiana Books. In fact, Petroglyph Press remains the only publisher in the state of Hawaii that can claim its products are entirely "made in Hawaii." From design and composition through binding and distribution, Petroglyph Press creates books about Hawaii from Hawaii in its Hilo facility.


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